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Mining Amoveo

Amoveo uses the same PoW (Proof-of-Work) principle of reaching network consensus as Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies. It is also known as the Nakamoto consensus. VEO is mined on GPUs like most coins on the market.

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VEO emission

Similar to the Bitcoin network, new VEO coins are created when a new block is hashed. At this time (March 04, 2019), the reward is 0.405 VEO (plus 0.081 VEO to Zack Hess personally), the time it takes to generate a single block is approximately 10 minutes. There is no maximum limit amount for VEO coins, but the speed of emissions can be regulated by the Governance Oracle. There has been VEO coins generated. The number of network users is 4642.
Current rewards and emissions can be found on

Hardware for mining Amoveo

Amoveo uses a single round SHA256 for PoW, unlike Bitcoin that uses double. Thus, Bitcoin ASICs cannot be used to mine VEO. However, the community of Amoveo is not against ASICs and will not pursue ASIC resistance. SHA256 single has been chosen on purpose to make ASIC adoption easier.

On the other hand, VEO is mined on GPUs like most coins on the market. Bitstream and hardware for example can be bought from Comino as they offer products that make use of FPGA technology. Alternatively, these boards can be bought from different manufacturers such as Xilinx and Intel’s Stratix.

Use this tool ( to estimate profitability of Amoveo and mining of other cryptocurrencies on various devices.

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